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Funeral Service Program Templates – Printable Cards

Funeral service programs are made available at nearly every funeral, and provide visitors with a wealth of information about the deceased.  These pamphlets are often kept as a keepsake or tribute to a loved one, and should reflect the person they are created for.

The front cover of a funeral service program will usually have a photo of the person who has passed away, but some may choose to use a simple photo of a cross, angel, or something that is sure to remind those who view it of the person who died.  The front cover will also include the person’s name, their date of birth, and their date of death.  Some may choose to include a sentiment such as In loving memory, or Gone but not forgotten.

printable funeral program cards

funeral memorial program cards announcements and invitations


The inside of the funeral service program will often include a favorite poem, Bible verse, or song lyrics.  When using printable programs like those available at http://funeralpamphlets.com, there are usually several different options available for you to choose from.

Obituary template example


The next page of the program will usually include all of the information needed for the services.  This will include a breakdown of the entire service, in the order that they will happen.  This section should include:

  • Musical interludes, including the name of the person or persons singing or playing it, as well as the title of whatever is being played.
  • Processional information, including who will be involved.
  • Any speakers who will speak about the deceased, in the order they will be appearing.
  • Prayers, including where they may be found in the Bible, as well as who will be leading the prayer.
  • Any special acknowledgements, Condolence messages, or guest speakers
  • Any time that will be allotted for  musical or spoken tributes, as well as who will be doing them.
  • Commendation, including who will be giving it (usually the pastor).
  • Final viewing
  • Recessional
  • You can also include information if there will be graveside services, including the location and time.

The final page of the funeral service program can be reserved for the dedication or obituary.  You can also choose to provide information about surviving family members, deceased family members, or any information for special organizations that may be handling donations.

funeral program template card

You can choose to create your own funeral service program using this example, or you can choose to use one that is pre-made by the funeral parlor.  You also have the option of choosing a professionally designed funeral service program that you can download and print on your own.  These templates are available in a wide range of styles and themes, and many can be fully customized.

The important thing to remember is that the funeral service program is designed to ensure that those attending the funeral know exactly what you want them to remember about the person who has passed on.  These programs are also meant to ensure that everyone in attendance is aware of what is planned, and when it will happen.


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