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How to Personalize Custom Funeral Programs

Personalizing custom funeral programs is a great way to add not only personal touches but more thoughts into these cards. Because of this, it would be ideal to make customized funeral programs when you are preparing for the funeral of a loved one. This will enable you to create a guide for the attendees of the funeral service.Also, it create sa token that mourners can take with them so that they will have something to hold on to and to cherish.

Customizable funeral cards for memorial service

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How to Personalize Custom Funeral Programs

Here is a simple guide on how to personalize custom funeral programs. This will help you create a personalized program with the help of editable custom funeral programs so that you don’t have to be starting from scratch.


Look for Downloadable Funeral Programs

The Internet is the best place to find editable programs that you can customize. FuneralPamphlets.com offers a free customizable program card that you can download and edit yourself.

There are also premium funeral program cards that you can buy and edit from our Store. You can either download them and edit them through MS Word or have the store edit the program for you, according to your instructions.


Edit Your Customized Funeral Programs

If you decide to edit the cards yourself, follow these steps to make your task easier.

  • Download Files that are in MS Word Format

When downloading funeral program files, make sure that you are downloading the MS Word format. This will make it easier for you to edit the cards. Because the files are saved in MS Word format, you do not need skills in editing image files or PDF files that are edited through Photoshop or other image editors.

  • Include Prayers and Poems that You Want

Make the customized funeral programs more personalized by putting special content on them such as prayers and poems. You can also include the photos of your deceased loved one on the custom funeral programs to add special touches to them.

Make sure to include photos from happy moments and avoid including solemn images so that the recipients of the cards will remember your departed loved one in a happy moment and not in a sorrowful one.

  • Add Personal Messages

If you like, you can also add personal messages to the cards. You can gather short messages from family members, including children, and arrange the messages before putting them on the customized funeral programs. This will not only add a personal touch but will also make the cards more special as they contain special messages for your departed loved one.

  • Make Your Departed’s Favorite Color the Theme of the Cards

To make the cards even more personalized, you can change the color of the texts in the cards into your deceased loved one’s favorite color. This will show the personality of your departed loved one even more.


  • Print the Funeral Cards on Scented or Embossed Paper

When you’re happy with the design of the cards, you can save the files and have your personalized custom funeral program printed.. But if you want to print them on your own, you should get a quality type of paper to produce a quality funeral program cards .Choose a color that will go well with the color of the cards’ design and color. Then, print.

When printing funeral cards, it would be best to print just a single page first so that you can see how these will look like. If you’re content with it, go ahead and print the rest.


Share the personalized funeral program cards with all of the loved ones of the deceased in order to notify loved ones of an upcoming funeral service.

Custom Funeral Program Cards

Custom Funeral Programs

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