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How to Create Your Own Custom Funeral Card

How to Create Your Own Custom Funeral Card

Funeral programs are some of the things that you need to make when you are preparing for a funeral. Because this will be the guide of the attendees during the funeral service, it is important to have this made well before the date of the funeral so that the attendees will be able to be acquainted with the funeral and where it would take place.

Creating custom funeral programs is a nice idea when making memorial cards as these will not only be useful to let distant loved ones know about your deceased loved one but will also show your appreciation of the life of the deceased. By making personalized memorial cards, you can show the personality of the departed.

Personalized cards are also ideal so that you can make the card look special. Because you are not only using generic cards, you will be able to put more effort in the creation of the cards.

Making Personalized Funeral Program Cards

Though it can be very distressful for you to do anything during your grief at the passing of your loved one, you need to set aside your feeling for a while so that you can properly prepare the funeral of your loved one. Arranging for a funeral home, making funeral cards, addressing the legal procedures are only some of the things that you need to accomplish during the arrangement of a funeral and burial. Because of this, it can be really overwhelming for you and your loved ones. So, it would be a great idea to get help from simple guidelines, such as the one below, to help you with the things that you need to take care of.

Below are some instructions on how you can make custom funeral programs. Remember to take a peek at the list below so that you can have a guide as you will likely be overwhelmed or deeply distressed and won’t be able to remember everything you need to do when the time comes.

· Get Downloadable Custom Funeral Programs

You don’t need to start from scratch when creating personalized memorial cards. You can get sample personalized memorial cards online to use as a template for your card design. You can find them on various online stores like ours that sell funeral cards and offer funeral card templates for free.

· Get Paid Funeral Cards

If you did not find the funeral program designs that you are looking for at the free section of online funeral service providers, you can also buy premium custom funeral programs. You can either just buy the templates and edit the cards yourself or you can buy the templates and have the store’s staff edit them for you.

When you choose to have the templates edited, you can have them sent to your email so that you can print them or have them printed by the store and delivered to your address.

Editing Your Funeral Card Templates

Whether you choose to buy a premium or get free personalized memorial cards, the process in editing them would likely be the same. So, here are the steps in editing them.

· Know the Key Points of the Service

Before editing the templates, make sure that you get the key points of the service so that you can put them on the funeral card. If you are the one arranging the funeral, it is best to contact the funeral home to confirm the schedule of service so that it will coincide with the schedule on your cards.

· Download MS Word Files

funeral card example
Printable funeral card template for MS Word

It is best to download MS Word files so that you can easily edit the custom funeral programs. Just click on the area that you want to edit and type in what you would like to put into the cards. Then, attach the photo of your deceased loved one where the space for the photo is. If you want to make your cards really personalized, you can add more pictures.

· Print the Cards

When you think that the design of the personalized memorial cards, get the paper that you want, preferably thick and already decorated with embossed designed or scented, and print the cards. If they are smaller than the paper, cut them evenly before putting them in envelopes.