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All payments are due at the time of purchase.
The method of payment is through PayPal.
As our company is not affiliated in any way with PayPal we disclaim any representations made by PayPal, including, but not limited to, any security and privacy representations arising out of the transaction.

Immediately upon completion of the transaction your very own personal template will be emailed to the inbox of the PayPal email provided.
Please check your spam folder in the event that the email does not appear in your inbox.
Some email service providers are not capable of receiving automatic emails, in which case an email will have to be sent manually. Manual delivery may take up to 48 hours from the time that the issue is first brought to our attention.

For optimal performance we recommend using the newest version of Microsoft Office, however, any Microsoft Office Word 2007+ may be used for complete compatibility.
A link to a free download to the newest Office is provided once a template is chosen and before clicking the DOWNLOAD button and being directed to payment screen.
Our company is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft and we disclaim any representations made by them.
Further, our company shall not be liable for any issues that occur as a result of downloading the Free Trial of Microsoft Office.
All of our templates are tested for mishaps prior to purchase.
In the unlikely event that there is any issue, please feel free to contact us and we will check our records and work diligently in an attempt to resolve your issue.

Certain brands of printers may not be capable of printing borderless templates or may require altering the settings.
We will not be liable in the event that you are experiencing any issues with printing our templates and a refund will not be considered for such issues.
In the event that you are experiencing issues printing our template places such as Staples will be able to assist you with printing.

Refund/Return Policy
All refunds and returns will be considered on an individual basis.
It is an express condition precedent that in the event an irreparable issue arises the customer must contact customer support with a request for a refund within 24 hours of purchase.
By emailing customer service within 24 hours of purchase the customer will be deemed to have complied with the express condition precedent.
Refund requests will be deemed a priority by customer service and all eligible refunds will be processed within 5 business days.
We will not provide a refund for any issues with printing our templates.

Customer Service
Due to our limited resources, live customer support will not be available at all times, however any and all correspondence will be returned within a reasonable time not exceeding 5 business days.

Waivers and Exclusions
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Our company will not be liable for any representations made by or issues that occur as a result of using the services provided by PayPal, Microsoft or any other 3rd parties.
Seller disclaims all implied and express warranties, including, but not limited to the implied warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.
Buyer agrees that the sole remedy for any issue whatsoever will be the return of purchase price and buyer will have no other remedies available in the court of law or of equity including, but not limited to any consequential damages whether they were foreseeable at the time of purchase or whether they became foreseeable thereafter.